How to Schedule Projects Like a Pro

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Take any project and put it on a detailed schedule that ends in success. Learn how to define the scope of a project, build a work breakdown structure and create and modify a schedule.
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Design, Schedule and Deliver Any Project with Proven Techniques.

In this course taught by best-selling author and international project management consultant Michael Dobson, you will learn the critical techniques used by project management professionals. Class one begins with the essential step of defining the project. This involves creating a project scope statement. Dobson will also give you a full perspective on the variety of issues involved with any project.

Class two takes you into the mechanics of building a work breakdown structure. You’ll identify the components of your project and organize the work that comprises each part of the goal. Dobson demonstrates how a simple adhesive notepad can help you visualize the project and look for gaps in the workload.

Once you create the work breakdown structure, you’ll begin laying out the work in class three. Dobson gives you step-by-step instructions to create a Network Diagram. You’ll learn to turn work packages into activities. You’ll also discover how each of the activities connect and are impacted by lag and lead.

The fourth class will sharpen your skills with one of the most difficult aspects of project management: time and resource management. Dobson provides you with four estimating techniques, as well as the elements of an estimate. He demonstrates how to load and level a schedule to increase your accuracy and resource allocation.

Class five provides you with the tools to build a Gantt Chart to create your schedule. This class includes Dobson’s useful insight into whether or not you should use project management software for your particular project. After designing your schedule, you’ll walk through the importance of validating and approving the schedule.

The course concludes with a class on managing your schedule. Dobson gives you much-needed advice on both tracking your progress (including how to create a tracking Gantt chart) and adjusting your plan to ensure that your project achieves its goal on time and under budget.


  • How to create a project scope statement.
  • What issues commonly cause problems for a project.
  • The method to build a work breakdown structure.
  • How to turn work packages into activities.
  • Steps to make and track a Gantt chart.

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Dobson, Michael

Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson is an internationally known project management consultant, author, and lecturer. He’s the author of more than 30 books on various aspects of project management, office politics, organizational dynamics, and personal growth.

As a project manager, Dobson helped build the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum and led creative and marketing operations for one of the world’s most famous hobby game companies. Dobson has given well over...

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