1. Is the first class in every SoundviewPro course free?
    Yes, this gives you a no-risk way to evaluate a course before unlocking all of the classes.

  2. What do I receive if I unlock all of the classes in a course?
    In addition to being able to watch all of the classes, you gain access to:
    1.) Supplemental course materials (course notes, articles, worksheets, bonus videos, etc.) that will enhance your knowledge of the ideas presented,
    2.) Quizzes at the conclusion of each class for testing your understanding and comprehension of the material presented, and
    3.) A SoundviewPro certificate of completion that can be printed out or shared via social media.

  3. Are SoundviewPro courses scheduled for certain dates or can I take the courses at my own pace?
    Every course on SoundviewPro is available on-demand so you can watch as much or as little as you have time for, whenever you have the time.

  4. Are there any prerequisites for SoundviewPro courses?
    At this time, no – there are no prerequisites for any of the courses on SoundviewPro.

  5. Can I be enrolled in more than one course at a time?
    Absolutely – you can be enrolled in as many SoundviewPro courses as you want.

  6. Who can take a SoundviewPro course?
    Anyone can take one of our courses. The only thing you need is a computer/tablet/mobile device, an email address, and an internet connection.

  7. How do I sign up to enroll in a course?
    To sign up, simply create a SoundviewPro account, find the course you’re interested in, and click the “Enroll in this Course” button.  It’s that easy!

  8. Are SoundviewPro courses only offered in English?
    At this point, yes – our courses are only offered in English.  As more courses are added to the catalog, we will evaluate whether to offer them in additional languages.

  9. Can I access SoundviewPro courses on a tablet or other mobile device?
    Yes – the entire SoundviewPro website (including all of our courses) is designed to be viewed on a variety of devices.  We tailor the content of each course to the size of the screen you’re viewing the course on.

  10. Is there an exam at the end of each course?
    No (and yes).  There is no comprehensive final exam that covers everything you learned during the course.  Each student, however, does have the ability to upgrade their course by unlocking the additional materials that are available with each course.  One component of this additional content includes a quiz at the end of each class you complete.

  11. How can my company or organization use SoundviewPro?
    If you are interested in making SoundviewPro courses available to a larger number of individuals in your company or organization, please contact us to discuss the options available to you.  Just send us an email and let us know what your particular situation is. We would be happy to help you address your organizational training needs.

  12. Can I take notes as I’m watching a class?
    Of course.  We’ve made it very easy for you to jot down notes as you’re watching any of our courses. Once you begin viewing one of our class videos, an area just to the right of the video will be available to type any related notes you have that pertain to the section you’re watching.

  13. Are the notes I take stored for future reference?
    Yes – all notes you make will be stored on the main course page in the right side column next to the “Course Outline”.  You can re-visit them at any time.

  14. How do I watch a class video in full-screen format?
    Once the window to watch a class video launches, simply click the upper-right corner of the video to watch in full-screen format.  To stop playing in full-screen format, simply use the Escape (ESC) key on your keyboard.

  15. Can I receive continuing education credits for completing SoundviewPro courses?
    At this time, we’re still investigating the best organizations to partner with to offer continuing education credit for SoundviewPro courses.  We’ll let you know as soon as this feature becomes available.

  16. What if I forgot my password?
    No problem - you can re-set your password by visiting http://www.soundviewpro.com/password-reset

  17. What subjects are covered in SoundviewPro courses?
    Our main focus is on core business skills such as leadership, management, negotiation, innovation, communication, presentations, and team building.  We also have a strong (and ever-growing) catalog of courses that cover technical skills associated with software, hardware, and programming. Our software training videos tackle the MS Office Suite and several Adobe software packages, plus we have courses that cover Apple iPhones and iPads.

  18. What types of people will benefit the most from SoundviewPro courses?
    -Business people that want to sharpen their professional skills.
    -Entrepreneurs that are building the next successful startup.
    -Small business owners that need budget-friendly training for employees.
    -College and university students that need to polish up on specific topics.
    -Anyone that needs additional training on key business and IT topics.

  19. Can SoundviewPro recommend a series of courses for my particular situation?
    Absolutely ...
    -If you're an entrepreneur starting a business, you should enroll in: Customer Development for Startups, Human Capital – Managing Your Most Important Asset, and 12 Habits to Create Disruptive Success.
    -If you're ready to live the life you've always dreamed, you should enroll in: Building Brand [You], Engaging Ourselves at Work and in Life, and The Five Keys to Extreme Personal Productivity.
    -If you're looking to improve your Microsoft Office software skills, you should enroll in: Microsoft Excel 2010: Introduction, Microsoft Word 2010: Fundamentals, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: Fundamentals.

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