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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

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Your intellectual property is the most valuable asset you possess. Learn how to protect yourself and your company and avoid the common (and costly) mistakes. This course includes a discussion of everything from trademarks and copyrights to licensing and non-core IP rights.
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‚ÄčLearn to Take Proper Care of Your Most Valuable Asset

The expression of your ideas and the brand you build are the most valuable assets you possess. In today’s fast-paced world of global online commerce, you are constantly at-risk of someone else using and abusing your valuable intellectual property (IP). In this course, taught by practicing intellectual property attorney and Harvard Law School alumnus Alexandre Montagu, you will be learn a basic informational-purposes-only guide to IP.

The first class deals with trademarks, one of the most frequently misunderstood areas of IP law. You will learn why a trademark search is something that you absolutely need and why you should not attempt to conduct it yourself. Learn how to test the strength of your trademark and the basic requirements for registering and maintaining a trademark.

The second class discusses copyrights and patents. You’ll learn what is and is not protected by copyright law. Montagu also discusses the way in which copyright law applies to the new business models of the online economy.

The third class takes a closer look at the online world and intellectual property. You’ll gain perspective on the interaction between trademarks and domain names. Find out about recent cases involving cybersquatting and how to handle online activists. There is also an important lesson about the changing nature of IP and the public distribution of information.

The course wraps up with a class on licensing and non-core IP rights, such as the Right of Publicity. These often-overlooked areas of IP are becoming more and more important as people continue to build their personal brands.

In each class, Montagu discusses recent or noteworthy cases that illustrate the concepts he teaches.


  • Why you need to start any new business venture with a trademark search.
  • How to test the strength of your desired trademark.
  • General rules for what is and is not protected by copyright.
  • How copyright is impacted by the new business models of today’s economy.
  • The interaction between trademarks and domain names.
  • Licensing and Non-Core IP Rights.

About This Instructor

Montagu, Alexandre

Alexandre Montagu

Alexandre Montagu started his career in 1991 at Sullivan & Cromwell, LLP in New York City. After S&C, he established MontaguLaw, focusing on intellectual property law, international commercial transactions, and new media commercial and corporate law. His clients range from startup enterprises to Fortune 500 companies and his practice encompasses a variety of industries. Montagu also serves a General Counsel to a number of companies. He received his J.D. with honors from Harvard Law...

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