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Breakthrough Innovation

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Innovation is caught in a bottleneck. Michael Feuer, the co-founder of OfficeMax, and successful entrepreneur will teach you how to break the bottleneck by having the leadership courage to dare, dream and do.
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Put Innovation into Action and Make Your Breakthrough.

Who better to teach a course on breakthrough innovation than an entrepreneur who co-founded a highly successful, industry-changing company? Michael Feuer is the co-founder of OfficeMax and in this course, you’ll learn the techniques for breakthrough innovation.

The first class will help you to diagnose what’s wrong with innovation in today’s marketplace. Get inside the mind of the entrepreneur and the heart of an organization. Learn why there is a bottleneck in today’s innovation efforts and how you, as a leader, can stir the pot and shake things up.

Class two provides you with examples of innovation in action. You will learn about the 3P formula for success. You’ll also learn how to listen to you customers to find out what they really want. Feuer also reveals why it’s not necessarily always the best move to be a pioneer in your industry.

Class three helps you to put your innovation plans into motion. Feuer stresses the need to act now and be creative, as well as innovative. You’ll also learn how to point your team in the right direction without micromanaging the innovation effort. You’ll also discover why picking the low-hanging fruit is the best step to ensure that your progress stays in motion.


  • How to break the innovation bottleneck.
  • How to use the 3P Formula.
  • Techniques to listen for what customers really want.
  • Ways to point your team in the right direction.
  • How to fund your venture with other people’s money.

About This Instructor

Feuer, Michael

Michael Feuer

Michael Feuer has more than 35 years experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, management consultant, venture capitalist, syndicated columnist and author. Feuer is the author of The Benevolent Dictator. He is the co-founder and former chairman and CEO of OfficeMax. He sold OfficeMax in December 2003 for $1.5 billion. In 2010, he launched Max-Wellness, a retail chain and Internet health and wellness concept featuring products for “head to toe” care.


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