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Leveraging the Strategic Power of Visuals

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Research shows that visuals engage both sides of the brain. In this course, you’ll learn how to use visual language to expand your possibilities, enhance decision-making and create strategic success.
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Master the Principles of Strategic Illustration.

The fastest way to connect with any audience is through the power of visuals. In this course, you’ll learn the strategic use of visuals. The course begins with a discussion of why visuals work. Find out how we are predisposed to interact with visuals even more than with words. This class also provides insight into how visuals engage people.

The second class covers the six essential basics of visual language. You’ll learn about the impact of everything from shapes to color to framing. This class will take basic techniques and reinvigorate them in a context relevant to your business.

The third class delves into the roles perception and reality play in visual communication. You’ll learn how to define the present and envision where you want to be. Once you master these skills, you’ll learn how to create a gap analysis.

In the fourth class you will learn how visuals benefit teams. Learn the five elements of great teams and how to use visuals to collaborate and solve problems. You’ll also learn how the elements of great teams interact with one another.

The final class in the course provides insights into visuals and leaders. Learn why visuals support strategy and build courage. Find out what are the four must-have leadership characteristics. This class also includes a lesson on how to create alignment for leaders.


  • Why the current business climate is calling for more visual communication.
  • The way that visuals engage individuals.
  • The six basics of visual language.
  • How to create a gap analysis using visuals.
  • The technique to use visuals to create impact with teams.
  • How to create alignment for leaders.

About This Instructor

Chopyak, Christine

Christine Chopyak

Christine Chopyak is a senior partner and co-owner of the business management consulting company Alchemy. Her clients include multinational Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, municipalities, health care systems, NGOs and education systems. Chopyak is the author of the best-seller Picture Your Business Strategy.


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