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Adobe Illustrator CC: Fundamentals

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Learn the fundamental skills to make eye-catching illustrations. This course covers everything from drawing and painting to customizing and stylizing text.
3h, 29m
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Draw, Paint, Create 3D Text and More.

Take a bold step toward achieving your creative visions. In this course, taught by a professional graphic designer with 15 years of top-level experience, you’ll gain the skills to give you control of Adobe Illustrator CC.


  • How to set up your work space and create artboards.
  • Techniques to create and manipulate geometric and vector shapes.
  • Ways to create, stylize and customize text.
  • How to draw with the line and stroke tools.
  • Successful painting techniques using the paint brush, blob brush and eraser.
  • Steps to use the rotate and reflect tools.
  • How to scale, shear and reshape objects.
  • Creating effects by warping and 3D techniques.
  • How to use patterns, trace images and clip masks. 

About This Instructor

Korchak, Judy

Judy Korchak

Judy Korchak is a professional graphic designer with more than 15 years of experience. She is a veteran instructor of animation, motion graphics, and graphic design, and an expert in Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop and After Effects.


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